Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yesterday, on the way home from the beach, Daphne sat on my lap in the front seat. On the road, there was a tap tap infront of us filled with mangos. She said outoud in her cute little observant self, " wow those are a lot of mangos in there." I answered back in her ear and said, "yeah those are a lot of mangos, huh Daph?" Putting my two cents in, I thought the convo was done. There was a long silence....she then answered back with her eyesbrows high and said, "Was I talking to you?"

Little sassy pants.


  1. A blog about Daphne...?!
    Um, best thing ever.
    You are brilliant woman.

  2. Too cute - what a little personality that one has!

  3. ARI.... how COOL...DAPHNE!!!! What a wonderful way to keep updated on your sassy-sayings. I'm SOOOOO happy that you're doing this, Ari. What a wonderful blessing! She is a complete and total spit-fire - just what I love about her. Tell her Fylicia said, "Where's my picture?" But you have to do it in her demanding voice (as if there's any other way to do it - smile). Much love to you and MDL. Take care and God Bless!